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Spiritual Ceremonies in Mexico – How to Start?

There is many interesting Ceremonies in Mexico, but why, with whom, how do you do them and how does it feel?

You can check what there is below. See the videos about spiritual practices and ceremonies from experienced people. Choose wisely according to your inner guidance.

What Kind of Ceremony?

Technically, there are different Spiritual Ceremonies like Ayahuasca, Peyote, Mushrooms, DMT, Cannabis, Kambo, and Temazcal. Some of them have no medicines (substances), others are very potent plant mixes, like Ayahuasca (drinkable) or DMT (smokeable).

The bottom line here is that you will find videos describing all these above and more, from the source – from the best shamans and particular practitioners that I know.

Steph about the Peyote Ceremony

Important Notice: Ceremonies are NOT for fun. Some of the substances need to be controlled to some degree with a Shaman’s help. Many ceremonies require days of preparation without eating meat or consuming drugs and alcohol. Be Aware. I am not recommending ceremonies to people who are Not Ready for it – not ready mentally, physically, maybe even spiritually.

The Truth about Spiritual Ceremonies

The first thing I would like to share is that these ceremonies, even though some of them very powerful, are not as scary or dangerous as the governments and ‘regular people’ are saying. So it’s all right to go and participate without fear (when you are prepared and ready).

All of the ceremonies have many beautiful things in common:
– Your heart technically opens, you feel more love-full
– You learn about yourself
– You feel connected to your spirit or universe
– Sometimes you can have visions, a deeper understanding
– Some substances make it easier to have an ‘Out of Body Experience’ (OBE)
– You see your egoic processes
– You can let go of some fears when you see the truth (how much you have been living a lie?)
– You start to understand yourself and others
– The universe and cause-effect become understandable
– You become stronger after intense experiences (some of the sessions are very strong)

So basically, all of the above can awake you more if you are already awakened, or give you reason to go deeper into the rabbit hole if you don’t know yet what Awakening or a Happy Life is.


How Spiritual Ceremonies work

What I am trying to say is to forget everything you have been told since when you were a child, forget about fears and ‘dangerous drugs’. It’s all a lot of BS. Most likely, any ceremony will bring you closer to yourself, and give you liberation and a true Understanding of Life. These are beautiful moments. Here in Mexico, they say the plants are tremendous teachers if you already know how to work a little with your processes and if you just have a good intention.

Addicts, People with Trauma who use Ceremonies

The other side of the story is that if you do it for fun or any wrong reason, or you overdose on some substance, you might meet unpleasant consequences. All of the above is about opening and closing the third eye and other chakras. You have to know how to manage it when it opens very wide. But again, from my experience, ‘inappropriate things’ happen to people who push things in the wrong way (they, for example, take 5-10 times more of a substance than necessary). So if you are already crazy enough to take 10 times more of a substance that is already strong, it’s no surprise you lose control in that process. Be aware of who you are and do not follow these crazy stories that you might sometimes hear from ‘experienced’ or fearful people. Those stories mostly concern individuals who came unprepared, were silly, disregarded all the rules, with the lots of fear instead of trust.

Why Some people will discourage You

There is also other group in the population (I have to mention them) who will say that substances and ceremonies (even spiritual ceremonies under a shaman’s jurisdiction) are dangerous because of this or that fear they themselves have. Some of them will consciously discourage you because they think it is appropriate to be like them, to live in fear with limitations. Others don’t want you to get awakened because you won’t be a perfect slave anymore.

Michelle about Mushrooms.

Some groups of people are unconscious followers (me in the past) of fearful grandmas. Even those people have no idea about Ayahuasca; they never smoked a joint, they never tried mushrooms, but for sure they are experts who can tell you why you shouldn’t try it, or why is it dangerous. If you listen to those people, you will just be another part of the poor slavery mass that is most of our population already. DO NOT listen to people in fear, your grandmas, moms, friends who have no life experience or any higher knowledge – they will always say the same thing, they will spill their fear on you.

Who to Listen to

Be brave, be an Independent Thinker. Experiment. Leave obstacles and fearful mammas and grandmas behind; they will always dispense their fear and failure, they will not push you to awakening, enlightenment or even a happy fife. Find and surround yourself with people who are developed, who have knowledge, and who can lead you to freedom, awakening, your encounter with realization, and happiness in your true self.

Shaman about Temazcal Ceremony.

Notes from the Videos:

Ceremonies are:
– Peace, Love, Awakening, winning with Ego, ‘Seeing things’



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