How to Stop Suffering from Love

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Ways to Stop Suffering and Pain from Love

So I was suffering from a past love, for about two years. I shared this with Kris, one of my Awakened friends. What he said to me was:

– Why would you even bother with some girl who was playing games with you, instead of being truthful with you. Why would you even care for a person who wasn’t right for you, and she just brought you traumas and dramas. (Kris didn’t know my drama stories with this girl, he didn’t know anything about my relationship, but he hit the jackpot anyways)

Hearing his words, just there, 11pm, next to the liquer store, I got Enlightened in the matter of my past relationship and 90% of my problem with my past love went away . I just needed to hear that from ‘Outside’. It was something that I knew from the beginning, but could just not accept.

Hi, It was Mike.


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