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The Spiritual Teacher: Devotion in Spirituality

This sweet and kind young Master, the ‘second’ (reincarnated) Kalu Rinpoche, makes me more peaceful just by listening to him.

This is a very important point about spiritual practice: when you listen to a Teacher, just sit, meditate, keep your mind open, be present, and listen to their Teachings.

Then spirituality becomes a really nice study as you start to understand every word with devotion and quality.

Be free from worry and problems. Focus on life itself and being in presence. It’s simple spirituality in practice and how to live with presence; it’s difficult for average people to achieve (I know how difficult it is, it was).

The simple truth for all spiritual development or just self-development practitioners is how to reach peace, why talk about it and what devotion is.

What is anger? Why does anger appear? Why do we want to force our feelings on to the people around us? Why?

Dissolving anger, being aware of our own emotions, How to Raise Your Vibration through spirituality, is all part of observation, without redundant attachments.

What I like about Kalu Rinpoche is that he doesn’t pretend to be something great. He says that he has some advancement in his practice, he knows things, but he has his doubts in everyday life, with different thoughts and troubles. He states that we humans are the same; even someone who is evolved spiritually still has to manage his awakening, his personal development.

So you can call it ‘being humble’, I just call it being a man. Because even though many of the masters are representing some higher level of development or enlightenment, it seems to me, that for ego or other reasons, it’s difficult for them to explain in a particular language the knowledge of what they achieved in a way that the average human being could easily understand.

Many masters will speak to you about devotion, politeness, kindness, love, unity – and it all sounds like useless crap because they do not refer to all the troubles we have with achieving it. They do not explain how it was at the beginning, before they became cleared. Well Kalu Rinpoche does and it is not because of his young age; it is because he is nice human being and he puts important information above his pride.

Buddhist teachings in practice are the simplicity of observing yourself, knowing that nothing lasts forever.


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