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Michal Wisniewski
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Michal Wisniewski


My Way. My Story.

For first 27-28 years of my life I have been striving for happiness. Feeling dis-satisfied with every success I had. I was trying to feel full-filled, but it was difficult even many things I have acomplished.

Following 'every-day life'. Obsessive power, sex, money, 'being right', always win, always sell, always close. 

In mean time, watching other people, watching my best friends, who had all parts of the story (but broken down between different people): peace of mind, health, a lot of friendships, compassion, kindness. Love to themselves. Respectfull relationships. All that I didn't have.

And then I crashed about 2008-2009 when I was 26-27 years young. I got stressed, over-worked. System failure. Couldn't walk for many weeks, few months. 2 years of Rehabilitation of physical body and healing 'the mind'.

My story begins There. With the one of most powerfull healer I have met so far. With Practicioners, Gurus, Masters and Healers. I learned over the years to heal myself.

Studying Buddhism, Krishna, Jesus, all the greatest and irrelevant masters. Travelling, talking and studying people. Working in the field with many others, contemporary masters. Some of them deeply Awakened, some of them maybe Enlightened, the others just Unknown, but having a lot of usefull things to say. Raising my vibrations, my understandings, and collapsing again. Collecting and expending 'The Truth' every day. Changing The Truth, going beyond possible.

This is my Spiritual story, of Technical Awakening reaching to Enlightenment on every day basis.
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