How to Fast, What is Fasting in Spirituality?

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What is Fastings? What is the Purpose of Fasting?

The question could also sound like: What we can do to get healthy, physically and spiritually (mentally)?

For sure there are different kinds of fasts, just as we have different meditations.

Some fasts are for loosing weight (I do not care about those, even though you lose weight), others are for healing and spiritual processes (I care a lot about these).

The first and most important reason why I fast is: If you do it with a spiritual intention, your mind becomes calm. You have a clear mind and that is important in Life. Your body gets better, but it is the emotional and concious processes that are the most important in all of that 😉

(and I assume many people cannot reach this mental and spiritual healing, because they cannot Switch into spirituality while they are doing it, so their effects might be just physical, like their whole life). Pray, ask, you will receive. Thanks.

Hi, It was Mike.


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