How to find The Soulmate.

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Exercise to practice:
– Make a list of the things you expect from your perfect partner
– Think how it feels, being with a perfect person whot is perfect for you

Soulmate, or how to find perfect love? This subject is pretty tough and old. My soulmate definition was old and blurry. I thought I knew what a soulmate was, but if you would ask me the details, my only answer would be that it is the ‘perfect couple‘ or ‘perfect love’. Tough subject.

Or maybe not that tough, because when you get awakened, all the answers come to you from left and right. I mean, literally, information comes. And not just info, but also understanding – a wisdom that you can actually write down in your soul by just knowing how it feels.

On the way of awakening, I have got to know questions and answers that have botheredme since the beginning: Is a Soulmate a real thing ?

In my life I think I have met hardly any couples like this. I didn’t believe in soulmates, so I didn’t examine it much.



I didn’t know much about soulmates until the moment I asked again and found not just a soulmate couple, but THE couple, and they were also both  Awakened. It was in January of 2016.

That awakened couple, they ‘upgraded‘ me in just 2 hours. During that moment I learned more on this subject than I did in my whole life.

They taught me Mostly by example, they showed me their perfect match.

Now I know more, that you can program yourself to find a soulmate, you can believe it, you can live it. Before that, I was never clear or optimistic in that ‘department’. I was taking this away from myself by not believing in it, actually by not knowing that it could really exist.

Do Soulmates exist – Mike.

And here below – a full story on Soulmates.

The full Story about Soulmates – Mike.

Notes from the Videos :

Mike’s video:
– The message is important, not the person passing it
– Programmed by the relationships from childhood
– Others are a mirror of you
– Unhappy Relationships
– The Full List (of features you want to see in your couple)
– Imagination in the process of creation

Hi, It was Mike.


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