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Books to Read:
– ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by J.Murphy
– Any book with ‘Kahunas Knowledge’ or ‘Kahuna Secret’ and ‘Huna Healing’
– ‘The Secret’
– ‘White Book of Ramtha’

How To Start ?

You need strong Intention, The Fuel, something that will drive You. Basic questions is: Why do You want, to Change, to Switch ? What is driving You?

Without this, without that ‘superb Emotion of change‘, your fuel will last for maybe few days, if it will last at all. But don’t worry Yet. Don’t crucify yourself. Before I turned into my process of change, it has been years and I haven’t been following with anything at all.

For instance, I had read the book ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by J.Murphy, when I was about 18 years old. But I was lazy and not aware of my processes. I did nothing after reading this book, no practice, no remembering. No big change happened in my life, but something stayed there, something waited.

A decade later, one of my spiritual Masters (Zbigniew from Szczecin, I met him only once, he gave me so much knowledge in one meeting, and about 12 book titles to read), he asked me: Did you follow the instructions on how to practice the excercises in this ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ book ? – Don’t worry, no-one does unless You are super-ready for big change, for the Switch.

How To Start with Spirituallity ?

It doesn’t have to be very noble or super-spiritual Intention of change. It might be sufficient, that you want something Better. Dont’ be affraid or ashamed if it’s just simple human needs. Be happy with it, ask and receive. And first of all, make some space for Miracles in your life. Make sure that You know, that many things that happens in universe – are totally unknown to You (sorry but that’s the truth).

When it has already Started..

When You start Your Spiritual process with a strong Intention, things will start Rolling, People start to show up, You will get help from many different sources. You will see how You are helping yourself, how You are receiving help from others. Orrr, You will just sit at a bench for two years, doing nothing, and then become a milioner – like a famous Eckhart Tolle awakening:

Interview with Eckhart Tolle:

You will find more parts of this interview at

Notes from the Videos :

Mike’s video:
– Power of Intention
– Reasons for a Change
– Kahunas knowledge, different books representing teachings of Kahunas
– Vipassana, meditation technics well described in books
– Ramtha, a ‘White Book of Ramtha’, one of the books with very simple, higher knowledge

Eckhart Tolle interview:
– Unhappy life at school
– Search of the knowledge, Studying different Religions, Philosophies
– Dissapointement with regular masters, professors
– Depressions and life no-sense
– Awakening thru suffering
– Limitations of thinking processes
– Being, Not Doing
– Peace
– Life in Presense
– additionally, trying LSD

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