Human Emotions: How to deal with them.

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,,Human Emotions. Plain and Simple.

Human Emotions. Plain and Simple.

Emotions…For the PURPOSE of this article, I will start by bringing in your deepest FEARS and your deepest EMOTIONS.

LOVE, hate, fear, HAPPINESS are the main emotions and from there, there is a whole spectrum…

If you are here, it’s because you are ready to take some, if not all, of these emotional  lessons with you. By that I mean you are going to leave this page and the first thing you are going to do is give yourself a big REWARD. Whatever it is that you like…like sex, sex, sex… what???Did he just mention SEX? Well I did…I was testing to see how you would react. ….remember your subconscious is full of fear (TREATS) and emotional patterns. If I am to help, I need to gauge where you are on the scale… We are acting out the matrix. NOW!!! Go out and scream “ I am not going to let my past experiences control my present moment.” Make sure you do it now and loud. If you can’t say it loud enough so people can hear you, well you are very deep into fears and emotional stereotypes. With that, we start the journey back to the SOURCE. You are going to enjoy this from the very beginning. I am so happy to have you in front of me… please look at the camera and give me a fake smile, I am looking at you. Your smile is just like mine….looks like we have something in common. Our emotions are in control of us in a way that you will either give sincere smiles or fakes smiles according to the roles people play at any given moment. Enjoy the video. It’s hilarious….so natural so simple….so revealing. Tip: Remember you are a byproduct of something bigger.


EMOTIONS filter them… ONE BY ONE.

Let’s get right to the point….what kinds of thoughts (emotions) came to you while watching it? It’s very important from now on that we engage in the habit of FILTERING our THOUGHTS. Filter means that before you say something, you stop and put yourself in observer mode. If what you are thinking is something you feel would make you uncomfortable when you think of it then discard that thought. Don’t say anything. OK, GOING BACK TO THE VIDEO…. Was it negative or positive feedback? See, by now you have been programed to react to many things that you encounter in life. The main idea behind this is to reprogram you for what’s to come. The dreamers of society have really planned the art of controlling your EMOTIONS AND FEARS well. SO WELL THAT YOU END UP DOING ONLY WHAT IS EXPECTED FROM THE SUBLIMINAL LANGUAGE GIVEN TO YOU SINCE YOU CAME INTO THE MATRIX. Acting this instruction out looks like this…. “You are a very judgmental person…” We get this feedback all the time. I am pretty sure you don’t like it, butwhat can you do when someone tells you this. Ignoring is the key here. You try to ignore but impermanent results are achieved. You probably feel hurt when someone says that to you.


In simple instructions. You must accept that you are caught up in this nonsense of EMOTIONAL MALWARE.“From now on you must be conscious about how you want to play your daily interactionsSURROUND YOURSELF WITH LOVE. (meaning that YOU WILL THINK OF PEOPLE THE SAME WAY YOU WOULD LIKE THEM TO THINK OF YOU). If you like drama and arguments, this place is not exactly right for you at the moment. You are welcome to come back when you feel ready. Take your time. I personally started mastering EMOTIONS when I realized I was spending too much time judging people and situations. That bad habit used to draw my energy level down. I always thought the right answer was my response against others. When I realized that I was been played out by the matrix, I said enough. We go into this game every day. I say this and you say that. I gradually started slowing down my mind to learn to feel before thinking or speaking. I noticed I have the option to just listen to others without engaging with them. I learned to use my energy more efficiently. It was a very straight forward decision. (WILL POWER) See what are we dealing with? We learned this from childhood. We even do it all the time as adults. We say ugly things that often bring our brothers or sisters down. We fall into the matrix of EMOTIANAL INTELLIGENCE every second. You have a responsibility to yourself.

Come back later…take a break… this is our first encounter.  You must manage your EMOTIONS. ONE DAY YOU WILL BE PROFICIENT AT THiS AND YOU WILL BE READY TO BE CONSCIOUS AND FULLY AWAKEN.

Hi, It was Mike.



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