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Well, you might already know a funny, awakened guy, JP Sears, from his YouTube channel or Facebook. JP usually mocks superficial spirituality and over-spirituality. This time, well, you might want to see for yourself how he took it to the next level.

Other side of the Story

The funny material from JP is actually about one of the most well-known coaching gurus, Tony Robbins.

He is one of the most recognized motivational speakers and coaches. He wrote many books, and you can watch tons of his material on YouTube, promoting his events, sharing his experience and financial wisdom.

And I just wanted to say, great work, Tony.

I got to know a little about his work from other people like Robert Kyiosaki whose work I studied the most, who also teaches success and financial freedom.

About Life Coaches, Gurus and Masters

This is an important thing to state: for me personally, there are different levels of coaching:

  1. Tier One: How to survive on this freaking planet – from simple but advanced coaches, people who mastered how to live with the least physical resistance

These guys can help you understand simple cause and effect, to get your s**t together, and to go in a good direction in life. Examples of Tier 1 would be the Assertiveness Teachers (assertiveness itself will not bring you anything in life, especially happiness, but it’s good to have it).

  1. Tier Two: Advanced self independence and financial freedom – like Tony Robins

These will show you how to stand firm in life, how to make money, how to be independent – and this stuff is extremely useful, it might actually make you happy (but mostly will not) 🙂

  1. Tier Three: Advanced Spiritual Masters, who go deep to inner space to get to know all the answers in the Universe (like Thich Nhat Khan and enlightened beings)

Outcome of this story

Well, as you might see, you cannot put all coaches into one box. They have different level of experiences, different advancements in spirituality. In my material, videos of The Switch, I will be explaining how to move between all that useful and useless knowledge to squeeze the best out of yourself 🙂

Hi, It was Mike.


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