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What is Kambo

Basically Kambo Medicine is the substance collected from frog’s skin. The indigenous people of South America have been using it for thousends of years. It is a tradition used for health purposes (as I understand it), but not just that. It is something natural. It can have strong effects, but it is natural and safe for people who are ready for it. I know personally a few friends, who already did that and they told me about the great change and purification from problems that they experienced, so we will get to that in the future – Interviews with my friends and other individuals.


You ask yourself probably, just like me, why the hell go through a process like this. In your mind, there might be still malicious patterns of thoughts, that imply ceremonies or substances are ‘dangerous’ or ‘scary’, or ‘drugs’. The more I study all this, I see that nothing could be further from the truth, and if any of this is inappropriate, indigenous people from different jungles wouldn’t have been doing it since forever.

Why to do Kambo

All people who experience Kambo say the same: Great relief, No more Problems like before, More love for Yourself. Malicious ideas go away. Much more energy.

Two friends of mine, after a Kambo ceremony that actually happened in Poland, I couldn’t believe what I saw about them after the ceremony. Their level of energy increased significantly. Like a lot. One of those friends got Awakened. Now he speaks mostly about consciousness and energies, abundance. It sounds crazy, but it is a great change and finally we have a lot to talk about.

After the Kambo

I witnessed the transformation of another friend of mine. While participating in Kambo, he was just coming out of relationship and was little down. Kambo cleared him. It took a few days and during this time, he was processing what happened to him during ceremony. Then, when Kambo ‘upgraded’ him (or he upgraded himself after the cleansing), he  constantly  had a lot of energy, problems went away, he was feeling extraordinary. I couldn’t believe what I saw. He continues his acceleration in life right now as we speak.

Another friend from Mexicojust did Kambo in the jungle of Chiapas, in central Mexico. Her story is very similar. Even though she says that she didn’t go through an intense purge, something has Switched in her. More acceptance and more self love showed up with more understanding.

It is important to explain the process and why to do it, because when I first heard about Kambo in 2015, I thought ‘I do not need intense body purification’ so I will not try that. Then I understood, that along with clearing the body, the process cleans your energy body, that means holistic cleansing – that’s why people have more energy and their ideas of life change for the better.

How Kambo Healing works

Well, Kambo is not only substance, but it is a whole Ceremony, a Ritual. The appliance of Kambo might sound a little scary at the beginning, but people who experienced it say that it actually is interesting and the whole process is pleasant.


First, a Shaman puts a hot wood stick on a few spots on your skin to make a little space for Kambo substance. It sounded intrusive for me at the beginning, but when I got to know it better, I see that it is gentle and even many go through the process without anyproblems of it.

Second, you get your Kambo frog medicine applied to those spots. You might feel a strong rush and response from the body. It takes few minutes though, and the whole process takes about 15-20 minutes. The body, as I understand it, the whole body and energy system is going through the Purge.

Some people take it very calmly, and just sit and go with the process. I expect that those people do not have much to clean, at least in the body. It doesn’t mean that the process doesn’t clean their energy and purge them in other way. A lot of people feel like vomiting and have diarrhea during this period of half an hour. Vomiting is actually good, it purifies you. The Shaman helps you  get through that process. All the time you are under the jurisdiction of an experienced person.

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Instead of Antibiotics, once a Year

Besides that, from different descriptions, Kambo works like a strong natural Antibiotic. It detoxifies your body and removes all parasites at the same time. I have seen reviews where people claimed they vomited all the toxins from their internal body parts, then all the living parasites visible outside. That’s why it is important to not stop the vomiting. I didn’t fully understand that when I did my first Ayahuasca Ceremony – that’s why I mention it now.
I have also read that people living in jungle use it as a natural vaccine to boost the immune once a year.






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