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Just Listen to the supreme Truth of Awakening

What I do care about is that you listen to that deeply Awakened person and how Awakened people speak about kindness and compassion. These are just normal people, like you and me. It doesn’t have to be the Dalai-Lama, or any other monk with 20 years of yoga experience.

Jasmuheen is representing Bretharianism and living on Light, Prana. I am not expecting that you believe in the transition to feed from energy and faith. I only expect that you listen and hear the truth from this beautiful awakened individual,  as this is the same truth that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Dalai-Lama, all the monks, Eckhart Tolle, me, we all speak about: the Truth of Kindness.

Jasmuheen, the voice of kindness

I was skeptical when I first played this woman’s video. You know, I had some healthy questions. She teaches Breatharianism, and people have a tendency to negate and question this subject. It took me a few minutes to see how Awakened and loving she is, which was a very, very pleasant surprise. That’s what I would expect from a person who feeds mostly or only on light.

You see, there are many people in spiritual world and I look at them, at their words, when they claim enlightenment or Kundalini Awakening or something else, something great, and sometimes I don’t see the heart-full process which began in me, even though I have never claimed any great illumination.

Here, with Jasmuheen, you can see this light, and her developed truth and experience, the peaceful and heartfelt story. Everything that humanity needs and looks for right now through spirituality and everyday life is here in that person.

My idea of Advancement

You see, I don’t care if someone lives fully on prana, or lives on light. I care for their level of heartfelt opening, their kind words, their advancement. Then you can learn that the food you eat, your way of living, is greatly affecting your thought patterns, your view on life, your life and success itself.

Experiencing the Truth as your Birthright

Ask the Universe to help you experience the deep love and different currents that you see here on earth. Ask to perceive that power that gives birth to creation. Ask to know Your Divine Birthright. That is Spirituality in Practice. Something to simply Do.

Hi, It was Mike.



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