SWITCH MOVEMENT is a shift in CONSCIOUSNESS. It’s also a group of people with similar interests, it is about changing the world and making life beautifull and easy.


It’s not about religion, it is not about control, and it’s not about the money. It’s about freedom of doing anything you want to be – with positive effects to You and good example to Others as well.

‘To SWITCH’ means to achieve state of mind or lifestyle, where you live as a free person, feeling good without any effort, feeling great no matter the circumstances, rich or poor. Somebody ask how is it possible and what I’m talking about – feeling good poor ? – Well yess, for instance I would prefer to live in Hawaiian bench on the street, then in a fortune castle in Antarctida. Ask Eckhart Tolle how it is – sitting at the park bench for two years and feel good.

SWITCH also means to rise as a human to it’s potential. For example. People from centuries try to indicate than this or other political system is better then opposite. The thing is, during thousends of years we already tried all different ways: nationalism, socialism, comunism, democracy. ANd they all fail. Why ?  Because the ideas are good, but execution very weak. THe reason why they fail (even when they look very good at the paper) is about poor consciousness level of people executing the system, I mean Us(all of the people). If you are driven by fear, lack of material things, strong desires, and many things you want and don’t want to get, many things upset you all the time. In poor consciousness – what you will bring into your life is fear, feeling of missing something, anger and danger. Then the best political system implemented, will bring fear, insecurity, the Rat Race, or wars.

Other example might be that many people (as me before) thinks that their trouble will be finished in a moment when they win this millionaire lottery ticket. Again, many of these people who win, finish without a cent within few years, some of them finish stabbed by family member while arguing about the money. Things are hard and often goes bad when people are poor mentally, even when winning milions of dollars.


Somebody said – that our reality consist from: 10% that are things which happens to us, and 90% is the way we perceive those things. I say let’s perceive things good as life brings them, whatever it is.

If you will perceive the things as they are – that there is plenty of food, lots of money everywhere around you, many different possibilities at each corner – your life become easy and effortless. You will try to use this reality potential around you, to move it a little into your way, but without any struggle.


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