The Real Truth about Today’s Spirituality

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The Real Truth about Spirituality

What do the spiritual Masters are never share with us?

Why are Kundalini Awakening and Enlightenment  ‘promoted’ as some kind of a miracle without real, simple clues from the Enlightened Masters?

How does real spiritual Awakening look in practice?

Limited Truth in Today’s Spirituality

What if many spiritual truths are hidden from you because it is easier to promote, to market something simple, to wrap some real things into an easy-selling product.

But the Real Awakening looks and feels different that what I learned from books, from YouTube, from religions, from spiritual Masters.

What if there was never anything wrong?

What if even spiritually enlightened beings present their truth through a limited understanding of their self? Example: If the body position, the pose, is so important in meditation, how can you explain that few (or many, including me) masters I know meditate or begin their meditations mostly by lying down. Those proficient in doing so sometimes see hundreds of miraculous light points floating around them like small stars when they meditate (however crazy that sounds, one of the shamans show it on their video).

And since when, working on the brain and thoughts and emotions, is it crucial to approach it with any particular body position? 🙂

I am not negating straight-sitting meditating postures; I meditate in that pose a lot as well. I am just saying that some details, they are not that important as presented in today’s spirituality, and they take your attention away from really important issues in you. Is it supposed to take you in wrong directions?

Instead of focusing on yourself and how to flow with thoughts in meditation, or how to create your world during the meditation by controlling the flow of thoughts, you are more concerned about whether your back is totally straight. That is complete bullshit; I can state that after a decade of meditations with different masters. But that is what today’s teachings are telling you – that one of the most important things in meditation is to sit straight.

I hope you understand that this is not a rebellion, that it is a deeper and truthful understanding of all that techniques and what’s happening in spiritual processes. It is a contro-action to Limited Truth that is keeping you focused on unimportant things, instead of putting focus on what really matters and what really can bring you more Awakening.

Thank You. Mike

Hi, It was Mike.


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