Who is Saint Germaine (St Germain)

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What is Ascension?

First, it is good to understand what Ascension is in spirituality. That’s how we might understand who Saint Germaine is.

In many religions, it is believed that particular individuals have moved themselves directly to heaven without dying first. It sounds like a mystical pile of crap. But what if I tell you that there is an explanation for all that. Through aligning the chakras, and enhancing energy in those energy centers of the body, you can gradually raise the vibration of your body more and more to the moment when the whole mind-body-spirit system is fully recharged, that it changes you profoundly, that you are able to use the different technology of your body. Does it sound better then?

So it is technology, a practical magic, that leads to answers on how to raise your frequency to see the unseen. Then you could be able to check out different frequencies (dimensions) of existence, leave the body consciously, sometimes without any serious advancement in technical spirituality.

Who is Saint Germaine? Who are the Ascended Masters?

However crazy it will sound, you will hear it, and not only from me. Different stories of Ascended masters appear in different situations. So I followed it. I discovered, that people around the world have encountered these appearances of special beings coming from nowhere with spiritual messages.

Magic. You are in the room by yourself, and another person just shows up, without any doors being opened.

If you have any interest in spirituality, and want to discover how far we can go with our body’s technology, you could study Ascended masters and how to reach Enlightenment.

The answer to who Saint Germaine is that he is supposedly one of the people who reached a state of Ascension, who can move through time and space already. Sounds like a sci-fi story. But what if?




Hi, It was Mike.



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