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pic. 'The Sunscreen' video

Exercise to practice:
– Think about life: how positive is it right now. Some prices are low, we still have rain forests, you can go almost any country and be free..

There is not much to add to this video below. Respect your elders, be happy with yourself. Don’t look into the future with anxiety, be easy. Enjoy the good stuff that is here in the present moment.

The Sunscreen.

A few words from the Author

I wouldn’t worry about wearing the sunscreen literally though. Cover your skin with clothes if there’s too much sun. The sun – I call it the first representation of the God. Our sun was the first God of Egypt and it was the same for many other cultures, before Christianity and more modern religions took over. If you are getting skin problems because of the sun, it might mean that you are not accepting the full love and potential of this system, this place that was created in abundance. So if you can’t accept the sun, it’s like not accepting life.

Tip of the day: Have you thought why humans are the only species on whole planet that can get sun-burned? (If we evolved from the monkeys and it was natural evolution, we should be good with any amount of sun, like every other being on this planet.)

Notes from the Videos :
– wear sunscreen 🙂
– Don’t worry
– Do one thing every day that scares You
– Don’t be reckless or jealous
– Remember compliments, forget the insults
– Travel to different places
– Discover slowly what you want to do in your life, without pressure
– Enjoy your youth, you are always younger than you think


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