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Real Spiritual Life by Victor Truviano

One of the things that caught my attention in this interview is the how Truthful Victor is.

He is there, with no fear of knowing or not knowing some things. He speaks from his spiritual experience and it’s valuable. As you can see, no awakening or enlightenment is mentioned, but between the lines, that’s exactly what Victor Truviano describes in story of his life (in the middle of the video).

There is natural guidance in Victor’s life: his transformation into bretharianism as a natural consequence of connection with real, natural part of existence.

Constructive Spiritual Change, Bretharianism

Living by peace, happiness, fantastic energy and a permanent smile sounds like something that doesn’t happen in a day. Victor’s story, if you listen carefully, will tell you how much time and conscious spiritual choices it took him to get there.

Piece by piece, following the Awakening and inner spiritual guidance, anybody can get to places in life that overcome our past wishes. But it takes choices and spiritual practice.

Activating Spiritual Technology

How to switch into bretharianism. How much time it takes, what are benefits of being bretharian, living by prana. Victor speaks about how he perceives life and perfection after he learned to gather energy. By taking some small steps, people like Victor are learning self-sufficiency, pranic breathing, how to be without separation with the world.

Discovering your state means to believe Yourself.

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