What is ‘Crazy Mind’.

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What is Crazy Mind?

Crazy mind is something that you already know really well without realizing it.

Crazy mind means the egoic delusional mind that you probably actually live by, every day, every given moment. You might even get a little aggressive Now, while reading this, or deny what I’m trying to state here – that’s the Crazy Egoic Mind doing its thing, ‘protecting’ you from the truth and any other perspective than it’s own.

If you are ready to admit this to yourself, you will see those ‘values’ of crazy mind in you. If not, don’t’ worry – look at your neighbour, your spouse, people on the streets; you will find it easily, if not in yourself, in other people around you.

To make it clear, some qualities of ‘Crazy Mind’:

– It irritates easily

– It’s impatient

– It has an ‘I want it’ attitude

– It assumes world owes you, but you owe nothing to the world

– It’s aggressive

– It wants to others believe the same things you do

– It’s ‘independent’, so it doesn’t believe in new things or stuff it hasn’t seen yet

– It’s completely delusional, thinking that you are usually or always right

– It makes opinions and judgement, very often without knowing the person or situation

– It scares you into not trying new things

– It protects it’s comfort zone

– Finally, it keeps you closed in lower vibratory states of judgement and irritation

There is nothing wrong with living by ‘crazy mind’. It is just not comfortable. You always win, but in the end you lose, because you lose love, health and friends.

There is another way of living, when you grow some balls and look the truth in the eye. Admit your weaknesses, programs from childhood, ideas from your parents and society. You break it all, break your delusions of being right, and admit that you know nothing. Start over looking at things with objectivity. Not being right, but serving more, being with consciousness and your core. Peace.


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