What is Dog’s Life

Dog's Life
pic. Dog's Life - pleasure, relax, beauty

Dog’s Life is about The Sweetness of Life.


If You wish to know better what is Dog’s Life and how I spent my time, visit our Dog’s Life Youtube Channel and see one of my completely insignificant videos 🙂





What Dog’s Life represents ? :
– Freedom, Easy, Lazy, Free Life,
– Being Happy & Relax without Work (or too much work)
– Trips to the most amazing places
– People, Sex, Cigars, Delicious Food
– Meeting the greatest people & friendships in the world
– Just being, enjoying the fok out of presence (with no problems)
– If you think it’s too shallow: I added some spirituality to the Dog’s Life content

So have you ever thought, how it would be, if you didn’t have to work. Just doing nothing, enjoying Your freedom and cruise around, visiting only places that calls You, meeting cool people between ?


That’s what a Lazy Dog’s Life is. If God wouldn’t approve it, he would not allow the dog’s to live it. – Mike

P.S. I work 50% of time, the other 50% I do nothing (doing ‘nothing’ can be pretty busy because I do meditate, think, dream, visualize) or I travel. If you cannot live a Dog’s Life all day, just enjoy and cherish those moments of free afternoons, vacations, expend them in Your mind and reality, then you will attract more of it into your life…


pic. Happy doggie beach lifestyle


pic. our friend Melissa – she has tatoo ‘DOGS LIFE’ 🙂



Hi, It was Mike.


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