What is Yoga and the Technology of Spirituality

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How to understand Spirituality and Yoga

Spirituality for many people is just airy fairy stuff. There are more than just one article or video to explain what Yoga is, but we can understand it in a few words actually.

What I have learned through the years of experience is that yoga and spirituality work like an advanced technology of our body and energies.

Very often, talking about energies and chakras to people on the streets is like talking to a Neanderthal about nanotechnology. It’s just difficult to explain it when someone is missing significant basic knowledge. No worries though. Here at The Switch we can simplify that technology so you can feel it, understand it, and experience it yourself.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a particular set of thoughts, emotions, breathing and body exercises that can help activate natural body-energy-technology (to become more Awakened or Enlightened).

It is a system of different teachings and practices that help us to align the body-mind-spirit with universal energy and universal laws.

Most people might think that Yoga is just strange postures and stretching. Well, it is far more than that.

I have practiced Yoga for few years now, but hardly ever I do any positions.

How does Yoga and Spiritual Technology work?

They hardly ever tell you this is Yoga classes, but working out with those strange Yoga postures is to activate energy and to spin the energy centers called Chakras. When that happens with some intensity (some level of concentration of energy) is that you start to activate Kundalini Awakening, a fuel to enlightenment.

When that happens and more energy flows to unite your energy and physical body, the energy also reaches the brain, activating it to work in different forms. Thought patterns begin to change, you form different ideas and understanding. You begin to be more awakened and spiritual.

Also, as I’m sharing my free-thinking process, it is possible that with strong intention from your mind, with a strong desire, you can activate your chakras, change your brain, and let the energy flow without doing any strange or awkward postures. I saw many very awakened or enlightened people who never did Yoga postures in their life, but they did meditate.

So the next step after this would be to find enlightened individuals who didn’t do postures, didn’t meditate and got enlightened. Is it possible? – For sure. Have I seen it? Not yet.

Activating Your Inner Technology

So all these techniques of breathing, postures, thinking in a particular way, activating your heart, is all designed to align ourselves to the greater universal laws. Then the Greatness responds to those who are ready, to those who have aligned their thinking or energy patterns—sometimes after years of practices, sometimes just accidently.

You can hear the stories from these men and women, who will explain major changes in the understanding and execution of life—they are called enlightened beings.





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